Sara Liberte Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sara Liberte Photography (Sara Liberte Photography) Tue, 30 May 2023 16:27:00 GMT Tue, 30 May 2023 16:27:00 GMT Sara Liberte Photography: Blog 94 120 Tactical Glasses? Photography Sunglasses? See the World through I-VIS I know what you are probably thinking: Really? Another pair of "ballistic eyewear"? The answer is yes, but this isn't just another pair of ballistic glasses. They're also pretty interesting photography sunglasses - and it's all because of Revision Military's "I-Vis" lens technology.

Follow along with me here. 

revision Speed Demon eye pro is tactical, but also makes for interesting photography sunglasses.Speed Demon glasses by Revision militarySpeed Demon glasses by Revision military

First, let's discuss lens tech: what is I-Vis technology? 

Revision developed I-VIS technology in part using artificial intelligence. The goal was to develop a lens that would provide improve greater color reception and clarity without cutting light out. That's what polarized lenses do - they narrow down the specific wavelengths of light coming through to provide greater contrast...and although you might not realize it, you're paying for that with a reduction in detail. You are not looking at real, actual color when looking through tinted or polarized sunglasses. 

Revision achieved its goal and went a step further. In addition to a standard lens that works superbly in lots of places, they were also able to determine an optimized lens color for a variety of environment types (the white, often overcast frontier between Finland and Russia, for instance, vs. the frequently reddish- or yellow-tinted glare of the Sahel. Each specialty i-Vis lens dye was developed to perform in a specific environment based on that location's color palette and prospective light conditions. 

The result is a system of lenses that allows you to experience greater color depth in a given environment versus the naked eye. This greater color perception provides faster recognition of targets on an otherwise "flat range"; in layperson's terms, you will optimize your eye performance with better depth perception and contrast while reducing eye fatigue. 

I don't work in law enforcement, and I'm not in the military, but I am a photographer. I understand "Vision" and how to manipulate what my naked eye or camera lens can capture when using photo filters. 

I don't want to get into an in-depth photography lesson right now, but in simplest terms, photo filters help minimize glare and reflections. They enhance colors, reduce the light coming into a lens, and more.

Each lens filter serves a specific purpose, as each is built to deliver a particular effect that can help enhance the final look of my image.  
I can only create compelling landscape images with specific filters on my lens. 

Horseshoe Bend Paige, AZHorseshoe Bend Paige, AZHorseshoe Bend Paige, AZ

Why wouldn't I want that same vision advantage if I were out working in situations where my vision can give me the upper hand in combat? Or out in the field pursuing a bad guy? Or walking a roadway where just the slightest sign of disturbance in ground color might be the only warning I have of an IED? 

That is the best way I can describe I-VIS technology and the advantages these glasses offer. Wear a pair of these while practicing perceptions skills in a Kim's Game, then do it without. You'll see what I mean.

I mentioned earlier these would be interesting photography sunglasses. By that I mean wearing them while finding your muse - not literally photographing sunglasses. That's not to say you should shoot your pics while wearing i-Vis; just like a final photograph, the lenses you put over your eyes greatly affect how you perceive the world. That's one of the pluses of i-Vis, though.

You'll still have to worry about reflective surfaces (a reflection is a reflection whether it's on an i-Vis sunglasses lens or a polarized lens), account for shadow, angle, background, and all that. BUT. Wearing these allow you to see true color, allowing you to pick out subtle changes that aren't immediately noticeable to the naked eye. This could be a far better chroma-related catalyst that inspires a fantastic shot idea (or series of shot ideas) than you'd get through polarized glasses (or with what my Tribe calls the "Mk. 1 Eyeball"). 

Plus, they'll protect your eyes from shrapnel, fragments, and other threats to your eyes. These aren't the glass lenses of your corrective eyeglasses or typical sunglasses, they're ballistically rated polycarbonate infused with a high-tech dye. 

Though hopefully, it won't matter. Hoepfully, you're not in that sort of danger while out taking photos.

The only real downside to Speed Demons cost (they are pricey) and possibly fashion style - the aesthetic won't suit everyone, though I like it just fine. Happily Revision is expanding the i-Vis line with different styles. 

Now, let's get to some of the features of the Speed Demon:

Flexible Design 

No two heads are shaped the same; the Speed Demon features a metal frame and temples that can be adjusted for maximum comfort and coverage. 

revision military speed demon glassesspeed demon by revision militaryspeed demon by revision military

Ocumax anti-fog coating 

Tested under EN 166 standards, Revision's OcuMax Plus is proven to last longer than competing anti-fog solutions by 10-20 times, is chemical-resistant, and prevents scratches and streaks, and smears.


Ballistic Protection 

Built to exceed ANSI Z87.1-2015 requirements, the American National Standards Institute's rating for safety eyeglass lenses adequately protects your eyes from projectiles, chemicals, and harmful dust.

If you want those same "vision advantages" photographers get when using the proper photo filter for the landscape image we are trying to capture, I recommend you try these glasses. They're really cool (and protective) shades.

Once you look through these tactical sunglasses, you'll "see" what I mean.  

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Insulated Winter Hiking Boots | LOWA

If you spend most of your time outdoors in all types of weather, certain gear starts to take priority. For me, it’s all about the footwear. With base layers, outerwear, and minimal gear I can make myself comfortable and make things work. However, not having the right footwear for the terrain I’ll be in can break me. I never used to be this way — I could just endure anything. Maybe it’s age but if my feet are not happy, I end up having a shitty time. There’s nothing I dislike more than having a shitty time, especially when I’m out enjoying nature. So I recently tried out a new insulated winter hiking boot, the Renegade Evo Ice GTX WS from Lowa Boots.

Gore-Tex Partelana Insulation

I picked this boot for several reasons, the most important being the Insulation. I’m spending a lot of time hiking in very cold temps in the Black Hills of South Dakota, so the insulation is my top priority. The Renegade Evo Ice GTX WS features Gore-Tex Partelana insulation which is built to be warm and holds up when the temperature falls below freezing. Specs on this insulation are 80% polyester/20% wool.

More Features I Like

The second reason I chose this boot was the height. It’s a mid-height boot which is great for ankle support and I prefer this height for hiking in the snow. Of course, it’s waterproof and I also like the Vibram Arctic-Grip outsole because traction is super important when climbing icy/slick rocks out here in western SODAK. I’m also a stickler for metal loops and hooks for the lacing, just more durable to me. This is also a lightweight boot, which is something I gotta have, nothing worse than being dragged down by a heavy boot.

Dry and Warm All Day

I’ve got close to 40 miles trekking in the snow and COLD temps with these winter hiking boots and I’m happy. My feet are warm, and I have good traction.  I haven’t tried snowshoeing with these boots yet, but I feel confident this is the right boot for that application too. I never felt any soak through when hiking the snowy wet trails, my feet stayed warm and dry, and I could keep going, never felt like it calling it an early day.


These Winter Hiking Boots Were the Right Choice

This boot runs true to size and I had room for my thicker wool socks. The lining adds the warmth I need and does a good job wicking moisture if your feet overheat. If you’re like me and embrace the cold temps for hiking because it usually means you get the trails to yourself, this boot is worth checking out. For the conditions I’m in, this boot was the right choice.


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2017 GMC Overland Van Build Project Update

 The #battlevanbuild continues to push forward and at around week 3 the interior is starting to come together. I chose Truck Vault to be the “base” of this build, as I wanted a safe, secure way to lock up my goods and keep them out of plain sight. Truck Vault was super easy to work with, I sent them the measurements for the spot in the van I wanted to mount this and told them what I would be storing in the vault.  They had their designers give me a few options and we landed on a great set up. I have a deep drawer with dividers, and a table that I can slide out. I like the idea of the table, saves me from having to store one in the van, one less item I have to pack up and store, and that is a big deal when you are living on limited space.  The drawer has lighting, so I can easily find what I need when the sun goes down, another big bonus.    The bed will be on top of the Truck Vault and since it was an odd size area I called Mattress and ordered a custom RV mattress.  These guys know what the hell they are doing, I called, told them what I needed and they were able to turn that into the perfect set up for the van and had it out to me super fast.  If you are building a project and need a custom sized mattress, this is where you want to go.

  David from Clever Crow Fab has worked some cool hidden storage ideas into the interior and with his vast audio knowledge from over 10 years of working at Kicker Audio, he has some of the best advise for updating the stock sound system in the GMC van. He is going to set me up so I can listen to tunes without having to have the van running. He also suggested a cool bluetooth speaker by Kicker Audio that I can bring outside at any location.   The floor, ceiling and walls are being finished off with a bamboo wood that I picked out. I didn’t want the van to feel like a dark cave, so I opted for a lighter wood to help with that.  I’m digging the way this is all coming together.  I did my research, found the best products to work with, and I couldn’t be any happier with how this is panning out.  I just need to get some miles on this thing now and report back, see how it is all holding up.




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2017 GMC Overland Van Build The "Dodge Mahal" had to be retired, my 2003 Dodge Ram van that I traveled, lived out of for work as a photographer.  I recently took ownership of a 2017 GMC van and am currently building it into an overland mobile to keep me out on the road for all of the crazy adventures I land myself in.  Breach Bang Clear, RECOIL Magazine and Off-GRID magazine will be documenting the build and running some great stories on it, not to mention stories from the van, as you all know this vehicle will be going to some cool remote locations for shooting, both camera and guns. Stay Tuned for more on how this build goes. I am currently in Oklahoma at Clever Crow Fab for the interior build.

To get the #battlevanbuild rolling I started at the beginning, I prefer not to go backwards on projects like this,  Step one was getting the window tint done. Black, so no perverteted bastards can peek in at me during the day. I had the tint laid out By R.J. over at Pro Tint in West Virginia.   I'm now down in Stillwater Oklahoma where David Adams of Clever Crow Fab is getting the interior underway. We started by getting the DEI boom mat in place. This provides the ability to filter sound quality by absorbing the unwanted noise and sound waves. Bonus, as it will drastically improve the enhancement of audio sound performance, eliminating both road and engine noise, while also dampening the vibrations that tunnel and surround audio output. This acoustical product will aid in filtering the distortion caused by audio waves from both low and high decibel frequencies or from bass vibrations, road rattle and engine noise that can disrupt the sound waves we would rather hear, ya know like some Hank 3 as I'm tearin' ass down the road.  Speakers? Oh, we will get to that.  Stay tuned #battlevanbuild

We don't have an official name for this rig yet, but you an follow it with #breachbangbattlevan or #battlevanbuild 

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Niner /White, An encounter with an Angel on the Sister’s Centennial Ride

Some people you meet and you just automatically know there is a reason why this person is in your life. You don’t chalk it up to just a coincidence, you know better. You know there is a bigger force behind it all. You probably don’t know what that force is, or have figured any of it out, but you just know.  There is a reason, and you take peace in knowing that someday, the reason will be clear to you.  It may be later that day, maybe later that week, or maybe even later that year, but it will come, and it will all make sense to you.   


I had that feeling the night I met Marjorie White and Lisa Niner in Springfield, Massachusetts. 

We were on the Sister’s Centennial Motorcycle Ride, honoring the cross country route that the Adeline and Augusta Van Buren had bravely ridden by themselves a century earlier aboard Indian Motorcycles trying to prove their worth to the United States Army. 


I was working and had my video camera with me when Lisa made a comment about my Nike SFB boots. I myself did not serve in the military, but being engaged to a man that served, I was introduced to some of the best gear to work and play in.  Lisa had served, and served an amazing career in the Army.  We instantly had a bond going and she made me smile. I ran into her again at the opening reception party for the ride and this time she had Marjorie White with her.  I have no idea how the subject even came up, but Marjorie and I were soon talking about personal family moments and we were both in tears, and at that point I knew we were going to be great friends and share something special on this journey we were about to take part in. We were leaving to ride cross country on motorcycles, for 3 weeks.  

The days were filled with beautiful landscapes and interesting historical places of significance.  The nights for me were filled with editing into the early hours of the morning, but for everyone else they were filled with bonding over great moments from the miles ridden that day.  We tried our best to ride with as many different groups as we could, there were over 68 women riding from coast to coast and we kept picking up more along the route. 


As always, some of my best times and memories come from letting things happen organically. I have to at some degree do some planning when journalism and photography and video are involved, but I really do try my hardest to just let things happen and be ready to capture the moments that present themselves.  That proved to be the case this day. We were leaving Ely Nevada to ride into Carson City. We thought we knew what we were going to do, but as the morning progressed, I found myself in the parking lot with Lisa Niner and Marjorie White.  I asked if they would mind riding with us so we could grab some footage and spend some time together.   They accepted and we were off. 

Watching them ride down the road reminded me of the scene from Easy Riders when Wyatt and Billy are just blasting down the road enjoying the freedom of the ride. I could see the heavy burdens we all were carrying with us start lifting, we were all open to that feeling of just being in the moment, like time almost standing still.  We rolled into a small town to get some fuel.  Marjorie was heavy with thoughts of her son and brother who had both passed away.  We gave her the time she needed and decided we would ride up the street to a very neat looking, old run down store to hang out and take some photo’s.  


Marjorie was pulling around, hit some sand and dumped her bike, Lisa started cracking up and grabs her phone snapping shots of her friend who is on the ground with her motorcycle!  I’m thinking “What is going on?”   I run over, they are both laughing and ask me to get in the photo. This was tradition for them, when one falls over they take pics and laugh, after making sure the other is ok of course.  We all laughed and got ourselves picked up off the ground.  

 We shared some more time talking about our lives and the challenging times we all have had to face. We were all using this ride as a way to find some healing in our own personal ways. I think anyone that does a long ride like this ends up finding some personal healing and or growth, even if they are not open to it. 

Our delay pushed us back even further when we found out Marjorie had bent her shift lever. A little side of the road repair and we were back out on the long, lonely roads of Nevada.  

  We were planning on stopping at the official lunch stop of the ride, to meet up with the rest of the group, but with our delays we decided to stop at the next town we rolled into. Austin Nevada.  We found the coolest old Country store/restaurant/bar and walked in.  There was a young girl having a conversation with the older women behind the counter.  The three of us looked at each other, we were just so impressed with the conversation this young girl was having, she sounded so mature.  She started talking about riding her dirt bike, so we joined in the conversation and told her we have been riding motorcycles for the last few weeks and were traveling from Brooklyn, NY to San Fransico, Ca.  The young girl just nodded and said ‘Cross country riding, boy I bet that is just the most fun you could ever have.”  She was right.  Niner handed her a card that explained all about the sister’s centennial ride.  She looked at the card and repeated the word centennial a few times. She then pointed out that the “T” in centennial had such importance, stating that is is the “Soul of the word, it carries all the spirit of that word.”   Again, the three of us were just shocked by the things this young girl was saying.  Her lunch order came up, she grabbed her food, thanked the lady behind the counter and said good bye to us.  I asked her name and she said her name was Chole, I asked her how old she was, “I’m nine years old M’am.” she responded as she walked out the door. 

 We all decided that young girl was supposed to cross paths with us, if it weren’t for all our strange delays on the ride that day, we would have never met Chloe.  Marjorie was convinced she was an angel that her son Tom sent down to us.  Later I found out the meaning of the name Chloe,  it means  “new growth, or new beginning.” 

  I have to send a big thank you to Tommy for sending us that angel, she slowed us all down that day and reminded us that on our journey through life, we will never stop learning, never stop experiencing challenges, and it’s all because we are meant to continually grow through life.  Thank you Chloe, for showing us it’s ok to start a new journey, and more importantly it’s ok to have the “T” the “cross” in our life, for the cross will help carry us through those tough times awakening our soul and spirit.   By the way, Nine is a number of spiritual awakening and the color meaning of white is purity, wholeness and completion.  Thank you Lisa NINER and Marjorie WHITE for sharing this journey with me. We will forever be friends and we will forever share our stories of growth from next journey’s.   

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3 Weeks to Ride Cross Country

At the beginning of the trip I thought it was going to take forever, 3 weeks to cross the United States? How would we ever get to San Fransico? Before we knew it we were riding into California all meeting up at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

When Adeline and Augusta crossed into San Fransico by ferry from Oakland, they were so far behind their original schedule that members of the San Francisco Motorcycle Club, who had promised to meet them, had given up and gone for a ride, club historian Brian Holm told us. The 112 year old club made sure to rectify that greeting by providing an ultimate motorcycle escort over the bridge and through the streets of San Fransico as people cheered us on and waved.

It was such an emotional moment and even more so exciting for one rider in particular. Sarah SeCCRet Moreau, was on her 18th trek cross the country, giving her the opportunity to beat Bessie Springfield’s cross country riding record. Sarah was able to break this record on an Indian Motorcycle, the first brand of motorcycle her heroine Bessie rode and the brand the Van Buren Sister's Rode. 


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A Day With New Friends

As we rolled into a random little town in Utah we met up with this rad group of riders on the Sister's Centennial Ride. Erin Sills, a land speed record holder, Julia Lapalme,fellow moto-journalist for Motorcyclist Magazine, Moira Zinn and Sandy Kron, all awesome ladies riding cross country. Oh and can't forget Trevor from RawHyde Adventures

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July Full Moon Over Bryce Canyon The Full Moon was too beautiful last night over Bryce Canyon. I hiked down a trail and found a spot to camp out.  As I was setting up my tripod I was listening to all the ambient sounds of the canyon around me. I am most at peace in nature. There is something calming and comforting, no TV background noise or glow, no radio, no human conversations. I live for moments like these. 

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Sister's Ride; Riding West I know you are thinking, "Hey, wait, where is the stuff from the middle of the country?".  I have it, and I'll be sharing it soon, we have been hitting this ride hard, enjoying all the scenery and being present in the moment. The Sister's Centennial Ride has given us so many places to visit, but also important stops the Van Buren Sister's Made a Century ago. I have been processing, archiving and editing both still content and video. It hasn't left much time for me to write each day as I wanted to. But I can assure you my thoughts are all safely stored on the image sensor of my brain. I will have much to share especially visually, as that is how I process life. Please be patient and stay tuned.  We are in Page Arizona this morning and I am sharing some images from the glorious Million Dollar Highway in Colorado and riding into Arizona.   DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR0918.

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Family Portrait I have been on the road for over a week now riding this amazing side car rig on the Sister's Centennial Ride. One of the stops on the route was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Home of the amazing talented artist, tattooist, and my dear friend Darren Mckeag, soon to be wife Missy and daughter Cailin.  I featured Darren in my book 1000 Biker Tattoo's, his art work is just out of this world. In my opinion, Darren is the greatest motor-bike artist, tattooist of our time.  There is nothing better than stopping at your friends home after you have been on the road for a long stretch. The comfort of home, great home cooked food shared at the kitchen table, it's these simple times that make life so special. The light was perfect, so we grabbed the bike for a family portrait. Even Royce the Bulldog took part.  Summer nights rule, make sure you slow down and enjoy them.

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Sister's Ride; Springfield to Pennsylvania Our stop in Springfield was beyond what I could have imagined. We visited the Springfield Museums and got to see a 1916 Indian with Power Plus engine the exact bikes the Sister’s rode. We then were escorted to Westover Air Force base and got up close to a C5.  I’m still in shock I got to board this aircraft. 

We woke early and were treated with a police escort out of Springfield, guess they had enough of us in their town. Riding west we stopped at Jacob’s Ladder, a stop the Van Buren Sister’s made on their journey.  Jacob's Ladder Trail was officially opened in September, 1910  It was the first road to cross the Berkshire mountain range built specifically for the growing number of automobiles. On that day, rocks that had been brought from their homes by dignitaries and visiting motorists were placed in a pile at the site of the celebration, beginning a tradition that resulted in the cairn that now marks the summit. I watched several of our riders place personal stones at the site today to honor that tradition. We imagined what Adeline and Augusta would have left behind when they stopped. The ride through New York was gorgeous, we found several cool side of the road attractions to visit. Including the Partridge Family Bus! (pretty sure this is not the original one, but fun regardless.)  

Dipping down into Pennsylvania we will ride Route 6 west tomorrow and stop in Punxsutawney to visit a little groundhog before making more tracks west. 


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Sister's Centennial Ride; Springfield, MA We woke up in Brooklyn, NY this morning and rode up to Springfield, Mass.  The sisters ride started in Brooklyn to honor the official start of the Van Buren Sister's journey, Adeline and Augusta began their ride by attending a motorcycle race there. The track they attended is no longer here, but Alisa (ride organizer) was determined to stay true to the sisters official start.  The borough of Brooklyn was so welcoming to the Sister's Ride they set a proclamation and determined July 3rd the "Sister's Centennial Ride Day" of Brooklyn.  As we rode along beautiful,winding New York and Connecticut roads I couldn't help but picture those two girls doing this on 1916 Indian's with power plus engines. what was the top speed? What were the road conditions like? I thought about those two girls all day today, on this day we celebrate our independence, and I couldn't help but feel admiration for their dedication to our country. If they were alive today, I know I'd be hanging out with them.  Thank you, Adeline and Augusta, you are still inspiring women today, a century later. 

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Sister's Centennial Ride

July 03, 1916 Adeline and Augusta Van Buren (sisters) set out on a cross country motocycle (yes, that was how the were referred to back then)  to prove to the United States Army that women could in fact serve in the Military. They wanted to show that women could ride motocycles as messengers, allowing the men to stay on the front lines of the war.  This was all part of the national preparedness movement just before WWI.  Today, I will join Indian Motorcycle on the Sister's Centennial Ride ride to capture and document this one of a kind tribute to these amazing moto-enthusiats. Please follow along as I share with you images from this ride. 

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The Race of Gentleman Vintage Cars and Motorcycles drag racing on the beach. Do I need to say more? Of course I wanted to attend this event. I decided to bring my Dad along to The Race of Gentlemen,(TROG) I knew he would enjoy this. The smell of salt air mixed with racing fuel wafting in the air overwhelmed us both as we made our way to the pit area. We just looked at each other and gave that nod, no words needed, we each knew what the other was thinking. "Man that smells good!".  Rhett Rotten  was tearing it up on his bally bike in front of his Wall of Death and guys were wrenching on cars and bikes all throughout the pit area. With the amusement park rides in the background, it almost felt like we had been transported back in time. To a time when things were maybe a bit slower paced, life was a little more carefree.  We made our way to the starting line and enjoyed the constant sea of Vintage Awesomeness making it's way down the beach. Flat head fords, old sprint style cars and early american motorcycles roared down the shore in sync with the sound of the ocean waves crashing the beach. As I was in mid lens change (of course) I heard a bike rev up, and it was the sound that you know is not intentional. As I picked my head up I watched an early Harley-Davidson come flying back towards the starting line with no rider, the bike starts flipping end over end as its gaining momentum and air. It was luckily headed towards the ocean, but there was a crowd of swimmers in it's path. I did not get a shot of this happening, but here is the immediate aftermath. Luckily no one was hurt. Rider here greeting the crowd letting them know he is ok, and attendants at the bike, trying to pry it out of the sand.  There was an amazing band playing in the general event area where you could grab some food, drinks and enjoy music from the 40's. A cute couple was kicking it up on the stage performing classic dance moves of the times. We really enjoyed this music and it made this experience all the more authentic.  We made our way to the car show area and loved the mix of culture parked together.  Glad I took my dad with me to this event. He enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching the smile it put on his face. Thank you TROG, well done! 

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Why We Ride to the Quail Motorcycle Gathering Let's Ride Motorcycles up the CA 1 to Monterey to attend the Quail Motorcycle Gathering and ride along with the group from Why We Ride?  I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have to ask someone that question twice, especially once they find out all the fun that will be had will help provide some needed funds to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.  It was a privilege to join the crew from Indian Motorcycles on this journey. The opportunity to ride these beautiful roads and meet some pretty amazing people from all walks of life.  These are the rides where friendships are formed and memories and burned into your hearts.  These are the moments in life that make life worth living.  Please visit the websites to learn more and enjoy some of my images from the few days we took to attend this amazing event.  Be great to see you next year on the ride! 

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Handbuilt and MotoGP, Austin TX This weekend was so jam packed with moto-awesomness that I don't even know where to start.  I had one heck of a journey, hanging with some of the best friends a girl could ask for, and getting to step foot inside the American MotorDrome, the first time I have since my best friend, Samantha Morgan passed away in 2008.  Sam was my very best friend, and she was a motorcycle wall riding daredevil.  She was the epitome of what this entire sport is about. There are so many aspects, avenues to motorcycling, from racing, to the craft and art, to the simple pure pleasure of riding.   The first step inside took my breath away, I could literally hear Sam's voice, and could feel her whizzing past me and she had done many years before. Watching that girl ride the wall of death was a spiritual experience for anyone so lucky to witness her.  To say this was emotional for me would be an understatement. This set the tone for the rest of the weekend.  I was lucky enough to be invited to watch MotoGP racing at COTA with Robert Pandya and a few friends, the Octo Pramac race team. To watch this team in action is simply amazing. They are so focused and work seamlessly, each and everyone doing their job to absolute perfection.  I was firing on all cylinders just watching this team and of course listening to the machines scream past out on the track.  My first time attending MotoGP in person, and will not be my last, this is simply not the same watching on TV.  I also got to spend some time with Alan and Stefan from Revival Cycles. These guys have built up not only an amazing event; The Hand Built Show, but have created one hell of a shop. Every great piece of machinery needed to create some amazing works of art was present at this establishment.  The guys are very humble and happily admit to being "Moto-Geeks", which I can relate too.  Now, lets get to the show.  A beautiful display of amazing hand crafted moto-talent, expertly laid out for optimal viewing pleasure. enjoy some of the shots here.  And what cool event could possibly take place without some Hooligan Flat Track Racing?  Of course it was going down, in fact it was going down in a parking lot across the street, that was magically transformed into a short dirt oval track, with just the right ingredients for the perfect place for Hooligans to tear it up.  For more images from this action packed weekend, be sure to visit the Hand Built Gallery in my Collections on this site.  ~Sara

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Shooting Daytona Bike Week 2016
I have been shooting in the motorsports industry for over 20 years now. People always ask me if I am getting bored with shooting the same “thing” all the time. They assume that at every bike week event I am stuck shooting the same motorcycles, the same people, at the same locations.  I suppose that could be the case, but as a photographer that strives to capture the moment for what it is, I prefer to find different locations, different motorcycles and different people to work with. Each year provides new opportunities for new experiences.  I like to focus on being present in the moment, not forcing things to happen, rather allowing each day to present the ability to meet new people and share their story.  After all, I believe it is this approach that identifies me as a passionate photographer in this industry. Daytona 2016 did not disappoint me as a person, or a photographer. I was able to work with some amazing people, explore some new locations I haven’t seen before, and capture some amazing motorcycles on digital film.  Check this out, one day I was to capture the Daytona Police motor patrol on the US 92 Bridge, which was shut down specifically for us to shoot on. I was lifted up in a bucket truck and directing the entire Daytona Beach Police Motor Squad in order to secure the shot I was looking to create.  For this shot I grabbed my Manfrotto Messenger bag with my Nikon D750 body, I wanted a few different perspectives so my trusty Trio of lenses came along. I cannot tell you how vital it is on these fast moving shoots to have that top access the messenger bag offers. I leave the top unzipped and in a moment I can switch out lenses or grab a second camera body.   Another day found me on the Daytona Speedway start/finish line to capture the Victory Motorcycles Official pace bike of the Daytona 200 race. again, having that top loader option with the messenger bag is a life saver when you need to move quick. 

Another morning I was up early to photograph a custom built Indian Motorcycle underneath a bridge as I waited for the perfect moment when the sun would start to bathe the underneath of the bridge structure. 

I also worked along side the great creative talents over at Kuryakyn to help them with the launch of a new bike created to celebrate 35 years of The Buffalo Chip Campground. We shot right on the beach as the sun was setting that day.  These experiences are not only immortalized on digital film, but also more importantly imprinted in my memory and heart.  These are the moments that I as a person, and a photographer live for. I also found myself working with over 30 journalists from around the world as they got to experience the Victory Octane and Indian Springfield new model motorcycles for the first time. There is an excitement at a new model press launch that can only be shared via imagery.  Words come in at a close second, but to a visual person, imagery is where it is.   In order to keep up on these fast pace shoots having the proper gear is very important to me, and I have lots of great gear that I rely on to help me capture these moments that are imperative to telling the story. 
 I shoot with Nikon and Nikon glass; I also use Tiffen for any filter needs and my Manfrotto messenger bag to transport my camera bodies and lenses. Now the best part about my Manfrotto messenger bag is the stealth look and design. I prefer to be “low key” when working on location, I don’t like to call attention to my thousands of dollars worth of gear I have with me.  This bag doesn’t scream “I have expensive photo equipment inside” and that is pretty important to me. It holds everything I need and is rugged enough to grab fast and prop down where I need to grab my shot. 
.As I mentioned I am a huge fan of the quick top access area. I like to have my gear at the ready when I need it. 

I also rely on Pelican for the amazing sturdy cases, which also help me get the height I need, as I am what I like to call  “vertically challenged.” 

 I am fully dependent on my Peak design camera clip system and camera straps.  Just as a motorcycle rider expects quality and performance from the parts he or she chooses to ride with, I expect the same quality from the gear I choose to shoot with.  I close out another Daytona Bike Week with amazing memories, friendships and most importantly great images. 

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I got a Nikon Camera I like to take a Photograph  

Lake Norman, NC"Kodachrome;They give us those nice bright colors,They give us the greens of summers Makes you think all the world's a sunny day." Lake Norman, NC"Kodachrome;They give us those nice bright colors,They give us the greens of summers Makes you think all the world's a sunny day."

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Some days all I do is shoot Some days are more fun than others, but one way or another I find myself shooting, firearms or cameras. Today was a blast shooting a sweet custom Indian Scout Motorcycle built by Rob at Indian Motorcycle of Metro Milwaukee, he built this Scout for Troy at Midwest Industries, so of course we needed a few Midwest set up rifles sporting the new G3 one piece free float hand guard.   Midwest Industries and Indian Of Metro MilwaukeeI love to shoot, both firearms and Nikons! Midwest Industries and Indian Of Metro MilwaukeeI love to shoot, both firearms and Nikons!

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Montage Time It's that time of the year for us shooters who work primarily outdoors to stay inside, clean up our gear and get to editing.  Just this past fall I was part of a team to help capture the launch of Indian Motorcycle's Scout Sixty model. While staying toasty warm watching 3 feet of snow cover the North East, I was able to take myself back to the desert for some moto-fun!  Enjoy this short clip of some of the fun that was to be had. 

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Expanding operations Extends Marketing; Photography, Video services I am sharing a Press Release that was sent out to the media this week. Excited to share my creative work within the powersports industry.  

Sara Liberte Photography is pleased to announce today availability for new clients exclusively within the motorcycle industry for all photography, video and marketing needs starting January 2016.  


“Photography and motorcycles have filled my career over the last 20 years. I'm excited now more than ever to offer my creative talents to the industry I hold much respect for,” says Liberte. “After a period of time working exclusively with one client, I am really looking forward to working with a broad variety of companies, magazines and agencies within the industry.”


Liberte’s combined experiences of over 20 years running a motorcycle shop, editorial content generation, and of course photography and video allow her to offer an expanded portfolio of marketing or creative support.  Past motorcycle industry experiences have placed her in many roles including; event marketing, PR, Web, digital media and print, allowing for implementation of integrated marketing programs that are consistent across all platforms. Past Clients have included GEICO, J&P Cycles, Klock Werks, BRP, Supertrapp and BikerIncite. Sara also authored and photographed two books published by Motorbooks International “How To Repair and Maintain American V-Twin Motorcycles”, and the popular coffee table book “1,000 Biker Tattoos”.  Liberte’s services will be available to dealerships, manufacturers, distributors, advertising agencies, and events and of course will continue with publications and online editorial work.


Services for all marketing needs including brand building, photography, video, event planning, location shooting, PR and digital media will be available. A portfolio of images and past experience can be seen at


Interested companies can contact Sara directly at [email protected] or by calling 412.400.3978.

About Sara Liberte
Since graduating from Montserrat College of Art in 1997, Sara Liberte has been a professional Photographer specializing in Motorcycle / Automotive and Portrait photography. With a background in Fine Art, and Marketing, Sara offers her unique creative skills to any venture needing marketing support, from commercial photography work, video, brand building, PR, event planning and digital media.  

Her work has been exhibited in several galleries, appeared in many ads, websites, marketing materials and annual reports, as well as leading publications including EasyRiders Magazine, In The Wind, Hot Bike, Street Chopper, Bikernet, IronWorks and of course Cycle Source Magazine where she held position of Photography editor for 15 years.  She has two books published by Motorbooks International and co-founded RT’s North Hills Cycle Inc. located in Pittsburgh, PA, where she was an active owner/operator for 15 years.

Professional memberships include: ASMP-American Society of Media Photographers, EP-Editorial Photographers.

Media Contact: Sara Liberte

[email protected]




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Fall on the Family Farm

There is no better time on the family farm than fall, so much fun for the kids and memories to be made for the family to enjoy!  Had an awesome day working with this great family, I may be biased as I consider them my family too! 

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Integrated Massage Solutions It can be tough to capture interiors if the space is, well, not exactly photo worthy, just makes your job as a photographer that much more challenging. I sure did luck out when asked to head over to Integrated Massage Solutions in Mitchell, SD.  Erika and Dawn have created a Zen like environment perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. They had their studio in top condition and were so great to work with.  The girls have really put some amazing effort not to mention heart and soul into IMS.  Check them out if in the area!  

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Hot Bike Magazine Tour 2015 The Hot Bike Magazine Tour consists of 5 days, 1,000 miles and 5 cities. We started in Spirit Lake Iowa and ended in Billings Montana and spent every mile enjoying the company of good people riding some amazing machines. I was tasked with shooting images for Klock Werks Kustom Cycles out of Co-Owner Laura Klock's Indian Chieftan Side Car. Laura was a champ handling that machine as I non-stop moved around in order to procure the best captures of the days events.  Looking back at my images I'd say it was a success.  All of my Hot Bike Tour images are available for purchase. Thanks to all who cooperated with my demanding hand signals in order to obtain these amazing shots. 

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Channeling Cindy Sherman

In my college days I studied Cindy Sherman, almost exclusively. Her conceptual portraits intrigued me as I was feeling awkward photographing school supplied models. I had no inspiration, and struggled trying to connect with them to pull out the emotion in appearance I was looking to capture.    

Cindy's Untitled Film Stills, 1977–1980, totally struck a chord with me. 
 Her series was black and white photos in which she would pose in different roles and settings (streets, yards, pools, beaches, and interiors), producing a result reminiscent of movie stills. She was the photographer and the model. Since what I was trying to express were my personal emotions I started to use myself as a model in front of my camera and created my "Woman and Machine" Series.  Last week I was to shoot some motorcycle riding boots for a client and decided to channel back my "Cindy Sherman" days and place myself in front of the camera.  Here are the results. 

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South Dakota Sunflowers I have been in South Dakota for 3 years and haven't shot a single sunflower.  Pathetic, I know.  A few weekends ago I decided to seek out a field and spend sunset getting lost in the rows. Jasper, my Boston Terrier accompanied me and we enjoyed the area so much, we decided to spend the night in the "Dodge Mahal" van over near Lake Carthage, SD.  Some crazy weather started to roll in and the wind gusts were so strong the van actually rocked a few times. We fell asleep to the thunderous rumbles in the distance and woke early hoping to catch a killer sunrise over the yellow blooms.  Sunrise was filled with heavy clouds and spitting rain, so we lost out on that light, but I'm sure we will try to sneak one more excursion in before the blooms are gone. Check out my Sunflower Collection and let me know what you think. 

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Photographer on Board; Watch for sudden stops.

It's probably annoying to ride along in my van with me. If you don't enjoy sudden stops and quick turns you'd be better off hoping in with someone else.  My mind is always taking photos of the landscape whizzing past me as I stare out the window of a vehicle.  In fact, I'm usually making movies in my head, using different views (rear view mirror, side view mirror, driver window, windshield) as camera 1,2,3 and 4. There is usually some really good music playing, as I rarely listen to anything shitty of course, and in my mind I'm editing all the different camera angles and music together to make the perfect short of the landscape I'm submerged in.  To my passenger, we are just  cruising along, music cranking, then I see it, the perfect location/light combination for a still image.  I'll check camera 3 (rear view mirror) and apply the brakes, abruptly of course, because it's way more fun to be dramatic, throw the "Dodge Mahal" (Dodge Van) in park and grab my camera.  I'm gone. Sometimes Jasper, my loyal Boston Terrier heads out with me on my quests to capture those images I just can't live without in my photographic arsenal.     

So yea, It's either dam annoying to ride along with me, or one of the funnest adventures you can take. To me, it's my normal.  It's my life.  

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